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Arnold Zable - Writer & Storyteller
Arnold Zable is an award winning writer, novelist, storyteller and human rights advocate situated in Melbourne, Australia.

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Jewels and Ashes

"Do you ever think about those you left behind? I ask father.
"Not often," he says. "Such memories are a luxury I can't afford."

First his parents made a journey to the New World. It was the 1930s, and Europe was seething. As he grew up, Arnold Zable heard tales, songs, fragments of the world they had left behind. He had inherited a fractured, vibrant past which both fascinated and disturbed him. Finally, he had to confront the mystery: he had to travel back to the Old World, to his parents' home, to his grandparents' birthplace, and to a land pervaded by ancestral ghosts.

Jewels and Ashes is the result of that journey of discovery. Moving effortlessly between centuries and continents, and across inner and outer land-scapes, it is an astonishing achievement. In one stroke, the Jewish historical experience has become a gift to the world.

Critical Acclaim & Reviews

"A remarkable book (which) has taken taken the creative leap into literature"
The Bulletin

"An original, deeply felt, beautifully written book"
The Sydney Morning Herald